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Can we hold on for just a minute?

I have to say it… ladies we are rocking this “living in 2014” thing.

Ever feel like you are surrounded by greatness? IIt's important to stop and compliment yourself once in a while.

I am proud to be “doing life” with these women around me.

We are starting to control the messages delivered to us instead of letting them define us.

We are less affected by flashy ads. We use our wisdom and experience to stand in what we are worth, not what some ad tells us.

We are using of social media. Instead of being a slave to it.

We are learning that “busy” is not glamorous and it serves no one.

We are learning that nobody should work “all the time”.

We are learning that life is not balanced, it is a juggling act, so pay attention to the ball in your hand and do not hold onto it for too long.

We are learning to unplug and be present.

We are learning to “big picture” issues and see how they affect us and those that surround us before responding.

We are coming back to community. Nobody is an island and we are becoming okay with asking for help.

More importantly, we are stopping to help each other and seeing the needs that our fellow women have.

We are being honest with each other.

We are being honest with ourselves.

We are allowing ourselves to see the possibilities of our lives.

We are making bold choices and walking in directions we never would have in our younger years.

Ladies, we may not always feel like we “nailing it”, but we have come a long way from where we were. We are forming genuine bonds with each other, cutting through the crap much faster and “keeping it real”. Everywhere I look, there are fellow intelligent women making their mark in the world and raising a family. Good job.

Yes, some days we are on top of the world and other days we fell like we failed at every turn. That is life. Just remember.

We are totally rocking it.

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4 Responses to Can we hold on for just a minute?

  1. Allison at #

    Cheers to that! We should take a moment to appreciate these major milestones. Thank you.

    • Nikol Murphy at #

      Right?! So often we beat ourselves down. Today, we celebrate.

  2. I love the idea of taking control of our own lives and stop playing the victim or damsel in distress. Great post!

    • Nikol Murphy at #

      Thank you Tanya!
      It was a bold moment and I love celebrating our victories small and big!

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