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Balance {Feb. Update on My Word for 2014}

How have you been doing on your New Year’s Resolution?  Goals?  Word for the new year?

As a look back at my word, I definitely would not change it.  Balance is what I feel I am constantly seeking.  I don’t want to wake up one day to find I could only define myself as a “mother” or a “wife” or an “athlete”.  I want all these things to coexist and compliment each other, instead of feeling guilty that I am giving one more or less time.  I am not a bad mother because I spend part of my weekend training for my race.  All of these parts of me are equally important and finding how to balance homemaking, raising children, time with my husband, work, and training is the only way I want to define myself.

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I think sometimes I actually like to complicate my life.  I now decided to homeschool our children, which I am very excited about, but also realize this really throws me for a loop next year when I had planned on working more during those school hours…  It will be interesting to see how my “balance” update goes in August and September when I do add this very new and difficult element into my life.

But for now, how am I holding up?


1.  We actually have been slipping on weekly date nights!  Which is very unlike us.  I’ll have to focus on this next month.

2.  The work meeting has never occurred!  Does anyone else work part time with a spouse?  Do you have weekly scheduled meetings?

3.  Luckily it’s been easy to keep work separate.  Easier than I expected.  Hopefully this will continue.


1.  I have continued to tell each child positive things every night about their day.  I am really amazed with how it has strengthened our relationships and how much they look forward to listening to those few little things I have to say.

2.  I moved the game to one a week and it’s been successful!  I’m looking forward to this being easy to do every day once I start homeschooling them.

3.  This month they did each get their own day.  This is actually easier than I expected!  Score.


1.  Physical therapy has been going well and although I’m not exactly where I’d hoped, it looks like I should be able to complete my training and race!

2.  I have actually read 2 books this month.  I’m finishing Peter Gray’s Free to Learn and highly recommend it if you are thinking about homeschooling.  It puts many ideals about education into perspective.  It’s not a handbook, it’s a lesson on life and how we learn.

3.  I suck at cleaning.  If there is anything in the world I would say is my biggest weakness it is cleaning.  I hate it.  I hate picking up messes, I hate doing dishes, I hate cleaning toilets, I hate laundry, I HATE cleaning.  On that note, doing a little every day has helped.


1.  Setting a schedule has been impossible.  Some days it works, other days I find I never even get to sit down.  Even as I type this now it is not during a “scheduled” time.  And forget about being ahead, I’m lucky if I am on track!  Ugh, this is going to take some getting used to.

2.  I only missed 1 day!  Thank God for my sister!!

3.  As I mentioned in #1, I have not been sticking to working hours.  I’m not sure how I’m going to create those…

This month was not as successful as last month but I do believe my list is pretty doable and I plan on continuing to use it!  Did you do better or worse this month on your goals?

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