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Mom Complicated’s Autoimmune Guide to Life

Are you…

  • Sick of not living the life you know you can?
  • Overwhelmed with the amount (or lack) of information that your doctor has given you?
  • Confused by the many contradicting opinions on everything related to your issues including if you are even having any issues?
  • On medicine, but still aren’t feeling better and you don’t know where to turn?


Mom Complicated’s Autoimmune Guide to Life E-Course is just for you! 

I wish we were to be able to sit down on my couch in our pajama pants with a big ‘ole cup of hot and creamy coffee (or froyo – my secret love) and hash out what this autoimmune thing looks like to you. Since we can’t do that, this course is the next best thing.

In March of 2016, I was in the ER with symptoms that scared my doctors due to a Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis flare up. I was told that I needed to go find a doctor that could handle my illness because my doctor couldn’t do anything else for me. 

I combed through websites and experts, met with doctor after doctor, found a naturopath that I love, found a Nurse Practitioner that I adore, found the right nutrition, schedule and medicine for me. I am always learning and striving to feel “even better”, but I honestly never thought that I would feel this good again. My goal is to have this illness in remission.

I’m taking what I learned and giving you the fast track to healing yourself.

Inside is the backbone to what you need to know to hit the ground running and get yourself on the path to a less complicated life and healthy living.

**Disclaimer: I am just a normal, everyday person with no medical training. I am not a doctor and this information is not intended to be medical advice or replace medical advice. Always consult a trusted medical professional before changing anything related to your health.**




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