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About Mom Complicated

Welcome to our little corner of the web! Here’s the deal. When you first become a mother, even during pregnancy, things seem to become more complicated.  What can you eat, what can’t you eat. How should you sleep, can you color your hair? Not to mention basic everyday actions like reaching down to pick something off the floor.  Enter the weird sideways bend! It is just the beginning on how such seemingly easy things seem to get more complicated.

In the first years of Vanessa having children, she  turned to sister Nikol for advice on her new and MUCH more complicated life.  For years we shared how we made motherhood less complicated.  We shared recipes, tips on cleaning, organizing, and life in general.

What made it become a website?

We have learned (not mastered!) ONE very important life lesson. When you are still and quiet, you can heard God gently guiding you along your path. Mom Complicated is our nudge. Our first step to a world of exciting projects.

How did we think of it?

Our friends were talking about the same topics that we were struggling with. We were not alone! Other Moms were also yearning for their days to be less complicated and a place to talk about it. So we have taken our sisterly phone calls and conversations to the web and are creating a community for Moms to be in it together.

“We are creating a community for Moms who want to make life, less complicated in order to LIVE life with their families.”


About Vanessa

Hi!  I’m Vanessa, one half of Mom Complicated. I’m a former English professor and high school teacher turned stay-at-home mom.  I have a 7-year old son and 4-year old daughter that are somehow more overwhelming than the 180 teenagers I faced every year teaching!  I have just begun homeschooling my children and blogging, join me along the way.

I’m passionate about:

my family



running & triathlons

clean, organic living

living life NOW

One day when I was sharing the struggles I was having with my son to my sister, she paused and said, “I think you need to share this, it would help so many other moms to know they are not alone.”  It was a passing comment that turned into a calling.  God’s plan is always so much more than you could imagine.


About Nikol

Hi there, I’m sure you have gathered that I am the other half of Mom Complicated. I have been a pre-school teacher, a nanny, restaurant manager, wedding planner and most recently a live event media director. I am embarking on my first year as a homeschool Mom and blogger. I’m not sure where this journey will lead me, but I am certainly along for the ride!

I love:

organizing the house with what I already have, but have no knack for decorating.

going to yard sales


hot pink




being social

being efficient

only being seriously when absolutely necessary

Most of all, just being with my husband and boys.


I often think, “how dare I make the gifts that other people can only dream of, complicated.”

I love our story and although it has not always been easy, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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