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5 Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween crafts

Halloween is just a few weeks away and the kids are getting excited!  I’m not sure why but every Monday my kids want to do an art project.  Last week they recreated their bat handprints and ghost handprints and this week they recreated their Q-tip skeleton (that we use as decorations for each Halloween).  I realized we needed more Halloween craft ideas!

easy halloween crafts for kids


I found 5 more simple and fun crafts that I know the kids are going to be excited to do!

Handprint Skeleton:


We have been learning about the human body in homeschool and for some reason my children love to paint their body to do prints…  So, I believe this will be a hit 😉  You can find out what you need and exactly how to do it at

Puffy Ghosts:


One of my favorite parts of making crafts for holidays is that they become our decor!  Cotton balls are perfect for so many crafts and games, invest at the $1 store and stock up.  Go to to find out how to make this easy ghost craft.

Crayon Resistant Spider Web:


Photo Credit:

Last week my son made the discovery that when he wrote in pencil and than erased it from the paper, it would still show up when he painted over it.  He was so excited!  I know he is going to get a kick out of this.  To find out what materials you need and how to make this fun spider web, go to

Little Monsters:



With only 6 items you can make these adorable little monsters for Halloween!  Anything that has to do with pipe cleaners and pom poms, but kids go crazy for…  Get the step by step tutorial at

Mini Pumpkin Mosters:



Who does not love mini pumpkins?!?  They are adorable and my kids pretend they are their pets and actually will carry them around all day after they pick one!  Why not turn them into monsters and use them for an adorable centerpiece decoration?  I think I might set this out for the kids to do when we have people over this Halloween.  Make a mini pumpkin monster and take it home as a party favor!  Find out how at

I hope that these have inspired you to get crafty this Halloween.  What are some of your favorite crafts for the season?

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  1. Love these, especially the skeleton! I do all my Halloween decorating, cooking and crafts at the last minute. Guess I’ll be doing this later!

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