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40 Things I Have Learned In 40 Years

40 Things I learned in 40 Years

40. You will always have some hodgepodge outfit on if you need to go to the ER.

39. By the time you are 37 you will have “bought all the handbags”

38. That time you hurt yourself being stupid? It still hurts 20 years later.

37. It’s true. “If it is too loud, you are too old”.

36. I REALLY should have appreciated my figure when I was 19.

35. If you fall out of the reading habit, Harry Potter will get you back in.

34. When someone shows you who they are, believe them. ~ Maya Angelou (best advice ever)

33. What someone may have meant for evil, God meant for good.

32. If you get motion sick and your child needs to ride in an ambulance, you should not ride in the ambulance. Mommy Adrenaline does not trump motion sickness.

32.a – I forgot how to spell Adrenaline – spell check did too. Had to get the paper dictionary.

31. When you meet THE boy, don’t ditch your friends.

30. Keep your dating manors even though you are married.

29. Stay in the moment. Don’t rush.

28. Pay attention to why someone is in your life.

27. It’s okay to say no… a lot.

26. Do not volunteer on the first day of anything.

25. Shoe shopping really does lift your mood.

24. Having kids is hard work.

23. Being married is very cool.

22. Marrying a southern boy is a wise choice.

21. Never stop learning.

20. Be the first one to reach out with grace. Anyone can be mean.

19. Don’t be a jerk on social media.

18. Mean what you say, and say what you mean. It’s easier that way.

17. Don’t try the roller coaster just this once to see if you still get motion sick.

16. Learn to have fun without the help of alcohol.

15. Your siblings will end up being your best friends, be nice to them now.

14. Don’t throw away your diaries!

13. Smile often, at everyone.

12. Visit New Orleans at least once.

11. Don’t hold malice towards those that have wronged you.

10. Give yourself grace. Often.

9. See a need, fill it.

8. Hug your kids.

7. Try to remember the big picture.

6. Scrapbooking is for cool people.

5. Be comfortable in your skin and with you are.

4. Be grateful for what you have.

3. Live within your blessings.

2. Say thank you.

1. Choose to see the good in others.


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5 Responses to 40 Things I Have Learned In 40 Years

  1. Great post, x’s 40 🙂

    • Nikol Murphy at #

      Thanks Donna! It was a fun exercise.

  2. Tanya at #

    Trust that God is good all the time.
    Dream bigger than you think possible.
    Learn about money as a tool not a god.

    I totally agree/ cherish the figure and skin of your youth! You were beautiful and now as you grow wise beauty radiates from inside.
    Thanks for the list. Love you look and heart Nikol

    • Nikol Murphy at #

      Thanks Tanya. You are always so nice and encouraging. 🙂
      Love hearing from you!

  3. Allie at #

    Great List! Happy Birthday!?

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