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4 Ways to Create a Business Frame of Mind

Deciding to start a business is not enough.  When you work from home it is easy not to take yourself seriously.  And that’s exactly what I did without even realizing it!


Working from home is a mindset.  When you leave your home to go to work, you create not only a physical break but a mental one as well.  I lacked that mindset.  I felt because I was home, home was more important.  That pile of laundry, those dishes in the sink, playing one-on-one games with my 4-year old daughter took precedence to any kind of work schedule.  And shouldn’t they?  I am a stay-at-home mom!
4 Ways to Create a Business Frame of Mind


Enter the FPEA Blogger Conference–

My sister and I decided a few months ago to homeschool our children.  We knew it was a big change and we needed help to make ourselves successful so we found the FPEA Homeschool Conventional to attend.  And wouldn’t you know it, it also included a one-day Social Media Summit and Blogger Conference for homeschool parents!  We knew we hit the jackpot.  I had no idea how much I needed that conference.

As the first session began I realized I felt something I hadn’t felt in years… I felt like a business woman!  Sounds silly probably but about a half hour into the first session I realized not only was I gaining a wealth of knowledge I was transforming my mindset.  I had not been looking at our blog as a business!

What did I learn from the Blogger Conference?

4 Ways to Create a Business Frame of Mind:

1.  Leave!

Leave your home that you work from and put yourself in a professional meeting, workshop or conference.  The actual physical break of leaving your home will signal, “Wow, I’m running a business!

2.  Network!

Meet people that are successful in your field and find people that have businesses that connect to yours.  It is inspiring to see what others have accomplished.  Plus, the more people you know the more you can grow!

3.  Plan!

Schedules are always changing but creating a plan with an awesome planner will give you a concrete feeling of what needs to be done to make your business successful.

4.  Train!

Train yourself and your children when it is work time.

Leave–  By leaving my home and attending the conference I learned so much more than pertinent information.  It gave me the confidence to be this business woman I didn’t even realize I wasn’t allowing myself to be at home.  Many things in life are a mindset.  When I race I am in a different mindset than when I train.  Little did I know that I needed to go to a work-related event to bring out my work mentality again!

Network-  I forgot how it felt to network and make business deals!  And it felt good.  Meeting other successful moms that do exactly what I want to do for a living was amazing.  Inspirational.  It showed me that I don’t have to choose between homeschool and work, or family and work, because other women are making all of it work.  And so can I!

Plan-  I’ve always been a planner but when I dove into a new business I needed help with how I would plan this new part of my life.  Find a planner that gives you tools to be successful, not just a bunch of blank empty pages.  I know I need all the tools I can get!

Train–  Oh boy, if there is something I do understand it is training.  When I chose to do an Ironman 70.3 I didn’t just start biking 50+ miles!  I took it a few miles at a time.  And that is exactly what I’m training myself and my children to do.  Since I will be homeschooling I will need to dedicate time to homeschooling my children during the day and working.

So, how am I doing it?  A few minutes at a time.  My goal is to be able to work 2-3 hours straight in the afternoon while my oldest does independent work, silent reading, journaling and quiet play and my 4-year old (does something similar— fingers crossed!)  I cannot expect my 4 and 7-year olds to understand how that will work so I’m starting small.

1st-  I get everything they could possibly need!  Drinks, snacks, games, etc. ready for them.

2nd-  I explain that until the timer goes off they may not disturb me for any reason.  Only 911 emergencies.

3rd-  I set a timer for an amount of time I know they can handle playing on their own.  For me that was 30 minutes but that may only be 10 minutes for you.

4th-  Once the timer goes off I walk out of the room and congratulate them and turn off work and turn on mom.

5th-  Add 5-10 minutes the next time.

Any training is hard.  It’s not easy to walk away when a task is unfinished.  But it’s more important to show your children that you honor your word (just as they should).  Another plus– you realize how much you can do in a specific block of time and you become more focused.

Do you currently work from home and have tips?  I’d love to hear them!  Please comment below and share your knowledge 🙂

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