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{2014 Goals} January Update – Nikol

what is your word for 2014 #woty January update

Well, setting those goals at the beginning of the month sure was fun wasn’t it?

Here is a link to my original post. As Vanessa said in her post, I haven’t even looked at these goals since I posted them. Whoops!

Let’s see how I did, shall we?


1. Flirt with my husband when we are on our dates instead of turning them into business meetings.

PASS: (I think) We went on a fun date, had the kids sleep over at a friend’s house and took a selfie. If anyone can provide flirting lessons, please contact me. I may have forgotten how to flirt in all honesty.

2. Write a love note once a week.

FAIL: I didn’t even remember I was supposed to do this. The good news is that I don’t think he knew it either. I have now set an alarm to write one. Yeah me! On a side note: My repeat options for the event in my calendar were for 5 years, 1 week or setting a date. Five years? Really? Why not forever? What if I write notes for five years and then my calendar doesn’t remind me and then that’s it. Sorry, no more love notes from me! This is a concern for me. I think even after five years, it will not be a habit. I’m totally serious.

3. No electronics in the bedroom.

I’m not sure why I even wrote this one. Was I feeling superior? Ambitious? Stupid? Does anyone else have this rule? PLEASE comment and help me walk through this. I’m sure it would be good for me / us to do this. On any given night we have our tv, two phones, an iPad and my laptop in our bedroom. We don’t even use the tv anymore because why use the remote when we can watch shows on the iPad, computer or (even better) on our phones watching individual shows. Clearly, this situation needs to be rectified. Does anyone turn off their phones at night? What about if you need to call 911? Maybe I just need to place my phone across the room. I have no self control if it is on my bedside. I check Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, email and play Candy Crush all from bed. Hm… I wonder why I don’t read books… Oh! most of the books that I want to read these days are on my iPad anyway! I need a plan for this.


1. Spend at least 15 minutes a day truly connecting with each child.

PASS! I now listen intently about shows, legos, videos of cats and stories from school. 🙂

2. Read aloud nightly to the boys.

PASS! We have been reading from Grimm’s Fairy Tales Some of the stories are pretty random, some a bit dark, but we have been trudging through it.

3.  Have a day of yes once a month.

PASS! Few, yesterday the boys got to do whatever they wanted because it was a snow day and I wanted to take the day off from the world. We rented three movies and a Wii game. We had hot chocolate and make rice pudding, and had one of their favorite meals. Roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and carrots. Next month, we have our day planned. We will be attending the Lego Kids Expo when it hits our town. They are super excited.


1. Read one book a month.

FAIL: back to the electronics in the bedroom… when do you read? Is it at night? Middle of the day? How often do your read? I really want to read more often.

2. Keep consistent wake/bed time.

FAIL: (ish) I kept this pattern for about two weeks. I am striving to get my sleep pattern to bed by 9pm and wake at 5am. I seem to be waking naturally at 5am feeling refreshed. If I go back to sleep and wake at 6:30-7am, I feel tired and not rested. At least if I wake at 5am, I will get a lot done by the time my little one wakes up at 6am. I will be able to have my quiet time and maybe that is when I will get my reading in! Or possibly a bit of a workout? Although, I want my daily exercise to be walking the dogs. We have a decent sized back yard and they exercise themselves, but i think daily walks will enhance their life a bit.

3. Get out and move 4 days a week.

Oh look at that… FAIL: Dang it! I should really read my goals.


1. Do not say yes right away. Remember it is okay to say no.

PASS! PASS! PASS! I have gotten SO good at this, people are now approaching me with details already worked out within my boundaries! It is fabulous! I am delighted to say that I have kept to my “during school hours only” meeting schedule. I feel so good about this achievement.

2. Keep working hours as scheduled.

PASS! (ish) One thing I have a grey area about it when my sister calls. I need to remember to keep the business talks to working hours. I have also snuck the laptop down twice when needing to catch up on emails. All in all it is a huge improvement from my previous schedule.

3. Be consistent in posting on websites.

PASS -ITY PASS! PASS! PASS! … drops mic and walks off stage.

How have you been doing? Did you have goals or just a word? Did you forget you took the time to set goals and review them like me? Let me know in the comments below. I am kind of obsessed with what people intentionally do in their lives. 🙂



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