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12 Safer Sunscreen Options

Could the chemicals in sunscreen actually be giving you cancer instead of protecting you against skin cancer?!?!  I did the research for you and found the safest brands, where you can buy them, and how much they cost.

Top 12 Safer Sunscreen Options

What is in sunscreen that could be contributing to risks of cancer?

In The Ingredients in Sunscreen are Destroying Your Health, Food Babe, explains that there are toxins like Oxybenzone, Vitamin A, Parabens, and Fragrances that can all be contributors.

We all want to protect our children and ourselves from skin cancer, and NOT putting on sunscreen isn’t an option, especially when you live in Florida like me.  So, if most sunscreens have these chemicals how do we find, in the thousands of products, ones that are actually safe?

The Environmental Working Group’s Sunscreen Guide is a great start.

The EWG has a Hazard Score Key:  Low Hazard is Green (1-2), Moderate Hazard is Yellow (3-6), and High Hazard is Red (7-10)

I chose only products that were a #1 on the Green, Low Hazard Chart.

Let me begin with a few popular products that do NOT meet this criteria but many buy because they believe they are the best natural option:

California Baby–  these products are a Low Hazard, but score a #2 and are some of the most expensive of all the brands.

Kiss My Face– although the White Stick does score a #1, the rest of the products score a #2 or higher.

Safe Sunscreen Options:

None of these products are spray or powders, although convenient, it is not healthy for lungs to inhale any of the chemicals.

The sunscreens also have lower SPF because high SPF doesn’t actually give any added protection and can actually be a greater risk to your health (

Also, many of these brands have multiple sunscreen products but I am only posting the specific ones that meet the EWG #1 criteria.

What can you find at Target?

    • BabyGanics
      • Pure Mineral Stick $15.98
      • There are a few BabyGanic sunscreen products you can find at Target, but this is the only one that is #1 on the EWG.
    • Burt’s Bee
      • Face Stick SPF 30 $9.99

*These were the only products I could find on but that does not mean you might find some of the others I mention in your local store.*

What can you find at a local organic grocery store?

    • Badger (notice where it says “Cream” not “Lotion,” the lotions are #2)
      • Face Stick SPF 35, Cream SPF 30, Broad Spectrum Lavender SPF 34, Broad Spectrum Unscented SPF 34, Kids Cream SPF 30, Sport Unscented 30, Cream Lavender SPF 30, Cream Unscented SPF 30
      • They range from $14 to $25
      • I found it is hard to rub in.
    • Seventh Generation
      • Baby SPF 30 $13.99

Most of the list you can find on

I linked to the specific products that scored a #1 on the EWG Hazard Chart criteria and were the least expensive.  You can view the entire EWG list HERE.

Affiliate links are included to make purchasing these products easy.

You will find that many of these products come in small 3-4 oz. containers.  To save money I use the face stick a lot.  One stick lasted both my children almost all summer!  I also buy it in bulk from, you can buy 2-4 containers at once, you can also buy the sunscreen with the face stick together.  I found I only had to buy sunscreen one time last summer by doing this.

I hope this helps you protect your family from the sun this summer!


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